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PeterPaul is a premier manufacturer of top quality and high-performance solenoid valve products providing solutions through high-quality design, innovative research and development.


PeterPaul Valves are now UL listed for Canada and US.

PeterPaul Series 20 Explosion Proof and High-Pressure Explosion Proof Valves are now UL listed for use in the United States and Canada for Hazardous Locations.

  • Heavy duty and made of stainless steel.
  • A real workhorse with proven performance.
  • Wide range of orifice sizes from 1/32" to 1/4".

Our full line of valves are available in operator only.

PeterPaul's operators are valves without a body allowing you to configure them to a manifold. In the specifications section of the valve product pages you will find the operator drawings for the configuration details.

PeterPaul offers a full line of high quality solenoid valves in all functions.

PeterPaul offers a full line of solenoid valves with a wide variety of sizes and a range of control options over the flow of liquids and gases.

2-Way Normally Open 2-Way Normally Closed 3-Way Normally Closed (exhaust to atmosphere) 3-Way Normally Closed (piped exhaust) 3-Way Normally Opened 3-Way Directional Control 3-Way Multi-Purpose